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PVC Masterbatch Regrind Virgin Rigid UPVC Compound For Pipe Fitting

Polymer Types: Rigid PVC

Forms: Pellets

Application: Fittings Injection

Hardness: D70

Operation Temperature: 170-190℃

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Our rigid UPVC compound for pipe fitting is based on the combination of the PVC resin and additives that give the formulation necessary for the end-use application. Due to PVC's good quality, highly rigid, and suitable cost reason, PVC granule pellets are widely used for manufacturing unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipe fittings. Several tests have indicated that PVC compounds are almost entirely impermeable and resistant to strong acids, fluorides, mineral oils, fats, alcohols, and various chemical detergents.

ZANPVC's all products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets around the world. Moreover, ZANBOND GROUP has been certified by the ISO9001 International quality management system.


  • Easy to Process.

  • No color change.

  • No smell.

  • Highly Chemical Resistant.

  • Smooth Shining Glossy Surface.

  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance.

  • Good Insulation Properties.

  • Outstanding Dimensional Stability.

  • High impact resistance.

  • Excellent thermal stability.

  • Eco-friendly Virgin Material.

  • Anti-Aging, Anti-Static, Anti-Acid, Alkali, and Salt.

  • Excellent bright and uniform color.

  • Considerably high mechanical properties.

  • International standard: REACH, RoHS, UL.





Recommended Use

ZANPVC L-1 1.32 D70 White, Green, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, And Customized Pipe Fittings
ZANPVC ToTo 1.35 D70 White, Green, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, And Customized Valves Fittings
ZANPVC BGJ 1.4 D70 White, Green, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, And Customized Switch Fittings
ZANPVC XH2 1.55 D70 White, Green, Grey, Yellow, Red, Blue, And Customized Electrical Fittings


A glimpse of our multiple-color rigid UPVC compound for pipe fitting.

PVC Compound


Pipe fittings, PVC thread fittings, Drainage fitting, Sewage pipe fitting, Fitting for water supply;

Cross, Elbow, Adaptor, Tee, Nipple, Couplings, Conduits, Bushing;

Electrical conduits, Reducer sockets, Outlet boxes, Electrical housings, Clip, Drainage fitting, Ball valve;

Thread adapter, Pipes & Profiles, Electrical trunking, Conduit and Corrugated pipes, Switch box, Junction box;

Electrical box, Switch cabinets, Roof fittings.

PVC Compound


Our UPVC compounds can be effectively used in the following product ranges:

  • General grades for PVC fittings.

  • High-flow grades for PVC fittings.

  • Special grades for large fittings.

  • High impact grades for fittings.

  • High glossy purpose for fittings.

  • Lead-free PVC pipe fitting compounds.

  • Methyl tin stabilizer-based fitting compounds.

  • Calcium-Zinc stabilizer-based fitting compound.

  • Special grades for electrical conduit connections.


As experts in polymer compounding and process technology, with an industry-leading formulation library developed, there are some friendly tips for pvc compounds.

Who's better to choose us:

  • Require compound dimensional stability not optimized to production machinery.

  • Outdated technology and inefficient equipment.

  • Downtime and low asset utilization.

  • Regulatory issues and high agency costs.

  • Resource constraints with lack of access to technicians and engineers.


ZANPVC  sales UPVC compounds globally for a long time. You will get professional and hassle-free service while buying UPVC compounds through us. Pay less and buy directly from anywhere in the world. Contact us with any queries or doubts related to the rigid UPVC compound for pipe fitting.


With 16 years exporting experience, our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter concerned with the design, development and production of PVC raw materials & PVC Compound.
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