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Plastic Recycled PVC Pellets - UPVC Granules

Polymer Types: Rigid PVC
Forms: Pellets
Application: Fittings Injection
Hardness: Shore 80-95D
Operation Temperature: 170-190℃
Processing Method: Injection Molding
Fittings Brands: ZANPVC
Origin: Ningbo, China
OEM/ODM: Accept

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ZANPVC's recycled PVC pellets are the pioneering solution in the realm of polymer recycling. Moreover, our high-quality recycled pellets represent a significant step towards a circular economy and environmental responsibility.

Whether incorporated into construction materials, packaging, or consumer goods, our recycled PVC pellets provide a sustainable solution without sacrificing durability or versatility. Also, ZANPVC is contributing to the reduction of waste and environmental impact, while also meeting the demands of modern industries.

Main Features:

  • 100% virgin PVC material which is eco-friendly.

  • Outstanding thermal and dimensional stability.

  • This compound is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

  • Meets international standards, including REACH, RoHS, and UL.

  • A smooth, shiny, and glossy surface is available.

  • Bright and uniform color.

  • Fantastic design.

  • Easy to work with.

  • The material has good insulation and considerably high mechanical characteristics.

Product Details & Specifications:

Our polyvinyl chloride pellets are not just a product; it's a solution that redefines durability and adaptability. Now, explore the specifications of our product.





Recommended Use



RX111 1.6 D70


uPVC Profiles None Free
CDXC 1.55 D70 White uPVC Profiles, Condiuct None Free
HY 1.45 D70 White uPVC Profiles, Condiuct REACH Free
RX131 1.42 D70 Beige Hospital Handrail REACH Free
RX132 1.42 D70 Blue Hospital Handrail REACH Free
RX112 1.4 D70 Black uPVC Profiles, Condiuct None Free


A glimpse of our customized color recycled PVC pellets.

PVC Compound


We offer demandable recycled PVC pellets at competitive prices that are best fit for many applications. Our experienced team can do custom-made PVC pallets with a variety of external options. It includes different colors and unique finishes that will meet your requirements.

ZANPVC is recognized globally and has been awarded for its eco-friendly PVC pellets. Our products have shown high resistance to strong acids, fluorides, mineral oils, fats, alcohols, and chemical detergents based on several tests, indicating almost complete impermeability.

Fittings Applications

Joint Applications

Electrical & Plumbing Applications

Construction Applications

Construction & Electrical Applications

Pipe Fittings, Polyvinyl Chloride Thread Fittings, Drainage Fittings, Sewage Pipe Fittings, Fitting For Water Supply. Cross, Elbow, Adaptor, Tee, Nipple, Couplings, Conduits, Bushing. Electrical Conduits, Reducer Socket, Outlet Boxes, Electrical Housings, Clip, Drainage Fitting, Ball Valve. Thread Adapter, Pipes and Profiles, Electrical Trunking, Conduit and Corrugated Pipes, Switch Box, Junction Box. Electrical Box, Switch Cabinets, Roof Fittings.

Here is an insightful glimpse into the quality and craftsmanship of polyvinyl chloride compound applications.

PVC Compound


We always ensure international quality standards in our all products. The reason why, our products are greatly appreciated in a variety of markets around the world and we have been selling this material globally for a long time. Visit ZANPVC’s profile to learn in detail about our company and products.

Our PVC pellets can be effectively used in the following product ranges:

  • General grades for PVC fittings.

  • High flow grades for PVC fittings.

  • Special grades for large fittings.

  • High impact grades for fittings.

  • High glossy purpose for fittings.

  • Lead-free PVC pipe fitting compounds.

  • Methyl tin stabilizer-based fitting compounds.

  • Calcium-zinc stabilizer-based fitting compound.

  • Special grades for electrical conduit connections.


A dedicated customer support team is available in ZANPVC to address any inquiries. They also provide technical assistance and ensure a positive customer experience throughout the order and delivery process.

As experts in polymer compounding and process technology, with an industry-leading formulation library developed, there are some friendly tips for PVC pellets.

Who's Better to Choose Us?

  • Who require compound dimensional stability and are not optimized in production machinery.

  • Still using outdated technology and inefficient equipment. However, looking for an upgrade.

  • Downtime and low asset utilization for your applications.

  • Facing regulatory issues and high agency costs.

  • Resources constraints with lack of access to technicians and engineers.


At ZANPVC, we packaged our products in moisture-resistant bags. Moreover, our polyvinyl chloride pellet ensures integrity during storage. The container sizes range from 25 kg to 1000 kg and are labeled with essential details. Also, we do palletize for convenient handling.

Our PVC pellets are transported securely and accompanied by a detailed packing list. Most importantly, we ensure a streamlined delivery process prioritizes timely arrivals. You will get professional and hassle-free service while buying this material through us. Pay less and buy directly from anywhere in the world.

Contact us today to discuss your pellet needs, request samples, or explore custom formulations. Start your success and guaranteed customer satisfaction with ZANPVC.


With 16 years exporting experience, our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter concerned with the design, development and production of PVC raw materials & PVC Compound.
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