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What is the purpose of PVC pipe fittings?

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What is the purpose of PVC pipe fittings?

PVC pipe fittings are a new type of technical plastic with wide application perspectives. The resin is obtained by chlorination modification of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, which is a new type of engineering plastic. The product is a white or light yellow, odorless, odorless, non-toxic, loose granules or powder.

What is the purpose of PVC pipe fittings?

What are the physical properties of PVC pipe fittings?

What are the storage and shipping requirements for PVC pipe fittings?

What is the purpose of PVC pipe fittings?

1. Pipe: PVC pipe fittings are mainly used to manufacture plates, rods and pipes for transporting hot water and corrosive media. They can maintain sufficient strength if the temperature does not exceed 100°C, and can be used for a long time under high internal pressure. The weight of CPVC is 1/6 of the weight of brass, 1/5 of the weight of steel and has an extremely low thermal conductivity. Therefore, pipes made of CPVC are light in weight, have good thermal insulation performance and do not require thermal insulation.

2. PVC pipe fittings can be used as hot sewage pipes in factories, electroplating solution pipes, feed pipes for thermal chemical reagents and feed pipes for wet chlorine gas in chlorine-alkali plants.

3. Injection parts: PVC pipe fittings can pipe fittings for water supply lines, filter materials, dehydrators, etc. and manufacture electrical and electronic parts. Such as wire grooves, protective layers of conductors, electrical switches, protective covers of fuses, insulating materials of cables, etc.

What are the physical properties of PVC pipe fittings?

As a new type of pipeline, PVC pipe fittings have excellent corrosion resistance and have been widely used in the steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, dye, pharmaceutical, electricity, environmental protection and wastewater treatment industries in recent years.

Due to the increase in the chlorine content in the material, the irregularity of the CPVC molecules in the structure increases (the crystallinity decreases and the polarity of the molecule chain increases), thereby increasing the heat deformation resistance.

The maximum operating temperature of PVC pipe fittings can reach 93-100°C, which is 30-40°C higher than that of PVC. At the same time, it improves the chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of PVC, and can withstand strong acids, strong alkalis, salts, fatty acid salts and oxidants. and chemical corrosion such as halogen.

What are the storage and shipping requirements for PVC pipe fittings?

The characteristics of PVC pipe fittings are high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, which are mainly suitable for hot water and chemical fluid pipes.

PVC pipe fittings should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse with a stacking height of no more than 12 bags to avoid sunlight and moisture. Transport must be carried out in clean and covered means of transport, protected from sunlight, rain and heat. This product is non-toxic and harmless.

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