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What are the characteristics of PET preform mould?

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PET preform mould is designed by 3D computer drawing, which can be matched with various brands of machines at home and abroad. Molds for PET easy-open cans, mineral water bottles, hot-filling bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, liquor packaging boxes, etc.

What are the characteristics of PET preform mould?

What are the production advantages of PET preform mould?

How to design PET preform mould so as not to make the plastic inlet white?

What are the characteristics of PET preform mould?

1. PET preform mould adopts 3D computer drawing design to improve the success rate of blowing.

2.PET preform mould is made of alloy steel and stainless steel, which is durable and stable.

3. The production time of PET preform mould is short and the production efficiency is improved.

4. Design and manufacture of various types of molds, and preforms can be designed according to the bottle body.

5. The parts and components in the production process are all processed by high-precision measuring instruments and high-precision machining.

6. The quality control process is strictly controlled, and the product quality is guaranteed.

7. PET preform mould can cooperate with customers to develop, design and manufacture together.

What are the production advantages of PET preform mould?

PET preform mould adopts advanced CAD for mould-aided design. The shape of the preform is optimized according to the final plastic bottle sample to ensure the final plastic bottle forming quality. Double lock pneumatic needle valve preform mould and double lock adjustable eccentric The pneumatic needle valve preform mold adopts a multi-stage taper positioning system to ensure that the thickness of the plastic preform is consistent. At the same time, the heat flow of the PET preform mould production line to the system ensures the same pressure and PET flow ratio of each cavity.

How to design PET preform mould so as not to make the plastic inlet white?

In order to avoid whitening, we can use materials with small elastic deformation to make molds to strengthen the mechanical bearing capacity of the side walls and bottom plates of the cavity, so that they can withstand the high pressure impact during injection and the sharp rise in temperature during the working process. Dialogue The edge-prone area gives higher temperature compensation, changes the direction of the material flow, and makes the flow distribution in the cavity reasonable.

In addition, during the production process, pay attention to keeping the parting surface of the template closely matched, especially the area around the cavity, and it must be under a truly sufficient clamping force to avoid longitudinal and transverse expansion. At the same time, the injection pressure, time and material volume are reduced, and the orientation of the molecules is reduced. At the same time, we can also apply oil release agent on the white edge of the die surface. On the one hand, this position is not easy to transfer heat, and the high temperature time can be maintained for more time. On the other hand, the possible white edge can be suppressed.

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