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Self Locking Pharmaceutical PET Preform Mould For Oil Bottle

oil bottle preform mold is producing the 4L preform sample at first,after blowing it can make 4L oil bottle with all kinds of shapes.
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Mold Model oil bottle preform mold
Mould core and cavity s316 steel
Runner Type Hot runner
Preform material PET 
Cavity Quantity According to your need
Preform volume and neck size According to your requirement
Mold Base 4CR13 Steel
Mould Design software UG, PROE, CAD
Scope of Application water bottle
Mould life 5 to 8millons shots
Delivery time 50-65days
Certification TS16949, ISO
Origin China

Preform Mold72-Cavity-Pet-Plastic-Preform-Mold-with-Hot-Runner-Injection-Water-Bottle

Product Feature

1. PET preform mold cavity from 1 up to 72.

2. Electric control system with simulating stretch testing improve yield rate. 

3. International standard screw neck, imported nitrided steel with high hardness is of long usage.

4. Advanced hot runner design and even heating temperature make sure the high quality of plastic products.

5. At least 8 million guarantee.

Advantages Of Hot Runner PET Bottle Preform Mould

1. No drainage opening material is used in our hot runner system, which greatly saves the cost of raw material as we do not need cutting drainage openings and scrap and at the same time which make sure our hot runner system has a nice and precise shape.

2. Using our hot runner system, the products will be more sophisticated, and quality can be controlled easier.

3. Our hot runner system shortens the time of release to improve the production efficiency. Comparing to cold runner system, the production efficiency could be increased 30% to 50%.

4. Reduced injection pressure and products internal stress etc..

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