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Pvc Compounds For Blowing

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Pvc Compounds For Blowing

PVC shrink film can be divided into printing level and ordinary packaging level.

Printing grade PVC shrink film, as its name implies, is used for printing and can be processed into printed labels. The vast majority of beverages on the market use PVC labels, such as those used on black tea, green tea, and mineral water bottles.

PVC shrink film is widely used in wine, food, sporting goods, disinfection tableware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, crafts, construction products, audio and video products, pharmaceuticals, stationery, toys, portals, plastic hardware, glass ceramics, etc Packaging to make its appearance more vivid and beautiful, improve product packaging grade, and protect the product from dust and messy flowers. Is currently an ideal film packaging material.

Advantages of PVC shrink film:

1.Non-toxic Eco-friendly materials

2.Perfect shrink percentage

3.High tensile strength, elongation

4.Wrap the goods stacked on the pallet to make the packaging stable and neat and waterproof;

5.It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, large elongation, good self-adhesion and high transparency;

6.Shrink film, heat shrink film is mainly made by mixing and extruding several


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