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PVC compound for sole

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PVC compound for sole

Polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated PVC, is a thermoplastic polymer. It has the bright-colored, corrosion-resistant and durable property, is widely used for sole injection.

The most important property for shoe sole is wear-resistant, PVC granules for shoes make it excellently. When producing, we add different additives to the PVC to gain different properties such as anti-aging, insulated, flame-retardant and transparent. Normally, this kind of PVC granules can be used in the following products: Galoshes or Rain shoes, Slippers, Insulated shoes, Anti-skidding shoes,Shoe soles etc.

PVC footwear compounds is widely used for sole injection. Soft and Flexible PVC granules with high mechanical resistance, non-smell, good folding resistance are applied for different kinds of soles.


  • Eco-friendly

  • Good elasticity and resistance

  • Flexible ,transparent ,durable , and non-toxic

  • Excellent Moulding Properties

  • High / Low Temperature Resisitance

  • Resistant to corrosion ,adapt to high pressure condition.


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